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One and only technology of "Unmanned Plastic Molding Line",
"Patented 3D Profiling Processing", and "Perfect Unmanned Deburring & Trimming"

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Intellectual Property Strategy / Patent Strategy


We are making utmost efforts to develop own unique technologies. It is our Intellectual property strategy that our own patented CORE technologies assures our predominance over competitors and make difference so that we could keep our business competence.

Main patent range
Plastic molding fabrication process (Secondary processing)
˙ Ultrasonic deburring machine technologies
˙ 3-D Profiling processing technologies
˙ Low pressure compression PLASTIC molding technologies

Various authoritative patent rating institutions awarded us the highest patent rating A or A⁻.


As a part of the Intellectual Property Strategy, License contract business has started for specific overseas market. Technology licensing to the local partners and the license grant of manufacturing and sales right in the territories constitute our confident strategy for huge size PLASTIC molding market. (i.e. America, Europe & China)

Technology licensing means the business contract to grant the right to exploit the patent/invention, industrial design or utility model, and to utilize know how and expertise so that the loyalty is awarded to the licenser.


Intellectual property right = Patent can prevent an infringement by hostile third parties and secure prevention of copied products or clones.