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Ultrasonic Trimming Machine

Ultrasonic Trimming Machine - Milling Trimming Machine

  • High precision trimming is available to follow heat shrinkage and shape distortion.
  • Make it possible which cannot be automated.
  • Trimming machine for nonwoven & plastic parts
  • Tooling by own-developed ultrasonic cutter
  • Alternative method to water & laser
  • Reduced running cost to 1/8, No noise, No cut waste
  • Off-line teaching is available.


  • Ultrasonic cutter & milling tool are equipped as standard.
  • Trimming process can be automated and process-hour can be squeezed dramatically.
  • Applicable for every type of plastic and metal material.
  • Own-developed blade is employed. Second process bur can be reduced drastically.
    (Special blade is subject to be employed due to kind of work.)

Various Type by Tooling Available

Ultrasonic cutter type machine

Equipped with patented ultrasonic cutter with work profiling function


Milling type machine

Equipped with patented navigation tool, namely work profiling tool with end-mill


Epoch-making Ultrasonic Trimming Machine.
It makes trimming process automated which was impossibe past time.