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Low-cost Plastic Molding Line

(Regional innovation business by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) (Patented)

Low pressure compression molding technology by means of surface profiling positioning finishing technology

Super low-cost & Super high quality Injection molding system of low clamping

Difference from conventional technology & feature

Substantial cost-down is possible
for large space & thin-section high-precision & high quality plastic molded products.

Low pressure compression molding accompanished with over-flow part

  • Compression pressure 1/2-1/5, Die clamping pressure 1/3-1/10
  • Small distortion ensures thin-wall. 0.8mm for PC (particularly large & thin products)
    (Small shearing stress while filling in cavity and constant pressure ensure small molding distortion.)
  • No gas burn mark & PL burr
  • CFRTP is easy to cut due to bound fiber at over-flow part.
  • Max 50% cost down is possible (projected area expansion / multi production)
  • Stable dimension of molded products
  • Energy consumption 1/3

Molding Results

Plastics: polycarbonate, Plastics temperature: 300°C, Mold temperature: 105°C, Sample size:316×211mm, Section thickness:0.5-2.0mm (variable)

Sample No. / compression Die
Peak pressure
Peak pressure
in die
(beside gate)
Peak pressure
in die
(outer side)
Plastics filling
Test 1 Thickness 1.0mm/
general molding
(no compression)
50t 0 150.2MPa 56.6MPa - 25%
Thickness 1.0mm/
0.5mm compression
50t 0 102.5MPa 28.6MPa 6.0MPa 100%
<Internal pressure
decrease ratio
by compression(%)>
- - 32% 50% -
Test 2 Thickness 0.8mm/
general molding
(no compression)
100t 0 170.6MPa 121.0MPa - 22%
Thickness 0.8mm/
1mm compression
100t 0 89.5MPa 39.6MPa 12.7MPa 100%
<Internal pressure
decrease ratio(%)>
- - 48% 68% -

Results at section thickness 1.0mm   Results at section thickness 0.8mm

Test 1 proves following;
While conventional injection molding needs 50 ton die-clamping pressure, injection compression molding needs only 1/5 pressure to ensure perfect molding with 100% plastic filling ratio.

Difference of available molding zone

♦Right hand diagram shows available molding zone by mold clamping pressure and section thickness. It was proven by this research. Utilization of injection compression molding ensures availability of thin section molding as well as substantial reduction of mold clamping pressure.

♦This is new ripple effect of our technology which was not recognized in the beginning.

Example unmanned molding system