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One and only technology of "Unmanned Plastic Molding Line",
"Patented 3D Profiling Processing", and "Perfect Unmanned Deburring & Trimming"

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Tooling construction

Tooling unit and robot can be combined freely.
Applicable for various process, such as deburring, chamfering, trimming and sanding.

Floating tool

Deburring & chamfering by work profiling (New method)

can accept shrinkage of plastic molded parts to ensure constant deburring and chamfering.
Deburring and chamfering are not affected by blade penetration and work situation.
* Blade cut-in value is controlled by Tool holder constantly so that complicated and odd-shaped work can be processed and work shape distortion can be accepted.
By simple robot teaching, deburring process can be ensured.

  • Deburring car sun visor
  • Deburring and chamfering car engine parts
  • Deburring food container
  • Deburring car air spoiler
  • Chamfering car driving parts
  • Deburring tool box
Navigation tool example (New process)  
3D profiling deburring

High rigidity floating tool

High rigidity type floating tool for deburring

Z-axis direction profiling (Only one technology) Patented

Belt Grinder

Grinding belt performs profiling grinding job on work.

Optimum for fine deburring and finishing on carved shape work.
* Tooling to drive grinding belt by air motor since grinding sponge roller performs grinding job, grinding belt can profile work shape. Optimum for carved shape work, fine deburring and finishing.

Ultrasonic cutter

Special cutter do cutting job with knife or chisel accompanied with ultrasonic vibration

Composite material, rubber, leather, thermoplastics etc. can be cut without cutting dust. Fine cutting surface is featured.
* Cutting manner accompanied with ultrasonic vibration of 22,000/ sec 30~40µm can drastically reduce cutting resistance, prevent cutting dust and ensure fine cutting surface.

  • Plastics heat insulating box
  • Car air duct
  • Car bumper parts

Zero touch tool

Optimum to delete adhesive squeeze-out at parting of top & bottom parts

  • Chamfering bed parts
  • Deburring car air spoiler